Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
by Peter Drake


Books. Wine. Friendship. What else is there?

Join Bev, Louise, Rachel and Helen at their book club across the space of a year - each month they meet to discuss the latest book and end up discussing the trials and tribulations of middle-aged women in the 21st Century. It's only when one of them falls ill that they really discover the true value of their friendship.

Recorded socially distanced due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Artwork - StageyRebel

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Cast & Creatives

 Bev - Louise Drage
 Louise - Bernadette Wood
 Rachel - Jude Wilton
 Helen - Vicky Kelly

Director - Fraser Haines
Writer - Peter Drake
Producer & Technical Adviser - Martin Borley Cox


"Lacing a pleasant easy listening with nuggets of life’s difficulties and annoyances makes Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer a genuinely human portrayal of ageing and friendship, peppered with a few frostbitten story threads which emerge into Spring as poetic blossoms, performed with exceptional care and dedication from Wood, Kelly, Drage & Wilton " - Corr Blimey

"That was brilliant! I could relate to someething in each of the characters. It made me laugh out loud in parts and brought a tear to my eye at the end. Well done!"

"Congratulations to all the cast and the editing team - it sounded as if you were all on the same stage!"