Around the World in 80 Days - Hey Jude!

Director Jude Wilton writes about the challenges and joys of putting together this ambitious show.

This is my directorial debut for White Cobra and I could not ask for a better introduction to directing. I have had the honour of working with a fabulous, adaptable and talented cast who have thrown themselves into telling the story with all their hearts.

And what a STORY we have to tell! One of the reasons we chose Around the World In 80 Days is that we wanted to tell a BIG story – with adventure, laughter, trials and victories and, most of all, a story that is fun for us, as a company, to tell.


Jude directs the actors during one of the rehearsals (photo: Martin Borley-Cox)

All hands to the pump

This is an ensemble piece – meaning that it is all hands to the pump. The company are playing multiple parts or taking part in multiple activities and have all thrown themselves into it with gusto and I hope you enjoy this way of telling the story.

One of the greatest joys of this experience for me has been working collaboratively with this lovely bunch . It has been a piece of work we have created together – we have all contributed ideas and ways of working to tell this story.

Rehearsals: Oliver Macken as Passepartout and Barry Dougall as Inspector Fix (photo: Martin Borley-Cox)

Voyage of discovery

The central tale is about a man who wants to win a bet, but it is so much more than this. It is a voyage of discovery in many ways, not only about seeing the world but how travel makes you see yourself in a whole different light.

In telling the story, we are also learning more about ourselves as actors/directors/producers – we have learned the challenges of casting, rehearsing and touring a show over the summer months when people are juggling other commitments like work, family, school holidays etc. – but we have also learned that, when we pull together, we can achieve something wonderful and have a huge amount of fun along the way.

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