It's a Wonderful Life - a message from Matt

Director Matthew Fell speaks of his love for this heartwarming festive favourite.

In early 2016, whilst searching for inspiration for something to direct in the December production slot for Masque Theatre. I typed It’s A Wonderful Life into the laptop expecting to perhaps find a standard theatrical adaptation of the 1946 James Stewart classic movie. Instead, this version popped up and it immediately sparked my interest with the fantastic opportunities it could present to the actors, as well as the audience, in transporting both to a familiar universe whilst imparting a fresh, unique and interactive perspective to this most synonymous of Christmas tales.

Upon contacting the US publisher, it was apparent that this particular play had never been performed in the UK previously and I was delighted when White Cobra approached me to see if I would be interested in re-visiting it again with them this year.

It’s been a delight to work on once more and rediscover the joy, warmth and triumph of the human spirit within the story, which serves as a salient reminder of the power of the strength of community and love over adversity and strife when all seems lost; especially true in times when perhaps our own expectations of what is demanded of us outweighs the expectations of others.

So please, sit back and enjoy as we take you back to Christmas Eve, 1946 and the stage of Studio A, WBFR in Manhattan, New York, for It’s A Wonderful Life, a live radio play

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