Lilies on the Land - in memory of some important women

Director Liz Clarke dedicates this production to the women of the Land Army, and to a very special White Cobra colleague

I was first introduced to Lilies on the Land by the late Ursula Wright, a wonderful person and talented director, and became very much engaged with the characters within it.

I'm delighted to have the chance to re-visit it.

The play is cleverly devised. It focuses around four women from disparate backgrounds who, during the Second World War, enrolled as members of the Land Army.

The play intertwines their stories: whilst each actress talks and relives many of their character's own experiences, the others, through becoming other characters in those stories, emphasise the 'one-ness' of their way of life.

The play is particularly special because it is based on the first hand accounts of Land Army members.

It has been challenging, yet thoroughly enjoyable, working with the actresses to bring their stories to life.

My aim was to tell the story in as simple a way as possible, and we hope you enjoy the result.

We salute all those women who did, indeed, 'take to the land' and are pleased that, in showing some of their experiences, we are carrying on their memory.

This production is dedicated to them, and to Ursula, who is still sadly missed.


White Cobra's production of Lilies on the Land is touring in November 2023. Check out the Lilies on the Land page and reserve your tickets.