Hi everyone

Happy Summer!

Huge apologies for the delay in getting a newsletter out.

The irony is during lockdown when things were quiet, we had plenty of time to produce newsletters telling you what wasn't happening, now we're back to normal(ish) there's no time to update. Anyway we promise it won't happen again.

First a brief update on what's been going on.

Our audio production of Pride and Prejudice has exceeded even our wildest expectations, so far the four episodes have attracted over twenty three thousand views on Youtube! It's an amazing figure with several people asking if we plan to adapt any more Jane Austen stories...

It's a huge testament to the extraordinary work done by Rebecca Cockcroft who adapted, directed and edited the production... and she was in it too! Credit also to the cast for making such a success of it.

Throughout March and April we were finally back in theatres with our production of Bette & Joan  . It was a challenge to get the show on, we lost one performance due to 50% of the cast contracting covid, and during the run of the show two members of the backstage crew also went down with Coronavirus necessitating some fast learning on lighting/sound from the rest of the team.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the run was the chance to perform it on the stage at Northampton's Royal Theatre, it was an amazing experience. For those of us born and bred in the town, The Royal Theatre has always been a very special venue, and for White Cobra to get the chance to stage a show there was a massive honour.

We're well into rehearsals for our summer show, which is finally due to be performed after missing out for the last two years during the pandemic.

Wind in the Willows starts its run of ten performances across Northamptonshire (and beyond) from June 25th. For Director Ian Spiby, it's a relief to finally get the production up and running after so many delays. Read his blog here.

Later in the year we've had to shuffle the pack a bit, The Lonesome West has been pushed back into 2023, and taking it's place will be Willy Russell's classic, Educating Rita.

We're also in the final stages of work on our next audio production. This is an original piece by Richard Hearn, called The Filter Room. It's set in the present day during the pandemic, and also during the Second World War. The play was written specifically for radio, Richard was the man behind the story for our original short film, Running4ever, and here he explains the inspiration behind the story. 

Finally this year saw White Cobra mark ten years since our first ever performance. Some of us have been here since the start, we're the ones who look particularly haggard! One of the originals (who doesn't look remotely haggard!) is Bernie Wood, who better then, to take a trip down our theatrial memory lane... 

Hope to see you at Wind in the Willows - book your tickets here!