Hi all

We hope you all had a good summer, sadly for us it ended on a bit of a downer as our last production, "September Songs" fell victim to the pandemic.

As we move into Autumn, there's a fair bit going on, with several new audio plays well into production, and an original film now in the editing stage, plus rehearsals for our first full length theatrical touring production are underway.

Putting on a theatrical show is a difficult, and expensive undertaking at the best of times, and the last two years certainly haven't been the best of times! But as we (hopefully) begin to put the pandemic behind us, theatrical companies across the country are looking forward to sharing the smell of the greasepaint with you once again.

Thomas Sparrow who recently studied drama at University is looking to get a new show on the road. Tom joined White Cobra and can be seen in one of our short films, called "Light at the End of the Tunnel" which you can see on our YouTube channel.

He'll also be heard on our new four part audio adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, where he's playing the part of Bingley. The series is currently in the final stages of being recorded, with editing on the first couple of episodes well underway.

Tom's also looking for a bit of help getting his new stage show up and running, and here, explains how you can help! 

White Cobra's first touring production will be hitting the road early in 2022. "Bette and Joan" tells the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as they starred together in the 1962, by this stage of their careers their stars had definitely started to wane . They were brought together for the first (and only) time for the film "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"

Martin Borley-Cox is directing with Victoria Miles playing Bette Davis and Kate Billingham playing Joan Crawford. The play is set in the early 1960s, so it's now a period piece! The added complication is the actresses are two of the greatest movie stars from the golden era of Hollywood, and instantly identifiable, so how do we get our two actresses looking like Davis and Crawford?

Vicky Kelly, who has been in a series of plays for White Cobra (Stepping Out, The Graduate, Little Shop of Horrors) is a great actress and a brilliant make up artist and has agreed to take on the task of transforming Vic and Kate. Here she explains how she went about the task

That's all for this month, take care, please tell your friends about our YouTube channel, and we look forward to seeing you back in a theatre before too much longer!