Richard Hearn

Running4Ever started life about 5 years ago as a short story designed to be read aloud, and was finished specifically for Cast Iron Theatre, who produce short and long plays at various venues around Brighton. The actor did a pitch-perfect job on the story; my memory is that she was pretty much running on the spot while getting the lines just right, a feat of multi-tasking I certainly couldn’t manage.

Maybe I should have added it’s about a runner, in case you didn’t get that from the title. They’re out for a run on an autumn night, wearing headphones with a Running App (like RunKeeper or Strava). If you’re not familiar with these apps, they have a voice giving updates on things like your speed, distance or heart rate. Mine’s a sort of generic friendly but stern female. You can also choose celebrities; on one app you can have Jo Whiley or Michael Johnson in your ear shouting encouragement. If you’re really brave I bet you can download Brian Blessed.

Anyway, to keep it spoiler-free I won’t reveal too much about the plot, but just to say I had re-written it as an audio play when I submitted it to White Cobra Theatre. They saw its potential as a short film which is really exciting, and the lead is now male (wherever I’ve submitted it, this one’s been written as gender-blind). I got to see Director Martin Borley-Cox’s storyboards just before they managed one day of filming last year - only for Lockdown 2 to be announced the next day! But I think they got some important season-sensitive filming in the can. (If that’s what they still call it when it’s digital.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing the final film, and hope you are too. I would love to hear any feedback you have.