By Richard Jordan

As you may know we’ve tried to keep busy during lockdown and have now built up quite a catalogue of short films and audio dramas on our YouTube channel. At the time of writing this piece, we also reached a bit of a landmark by attracting our 100th subscriber! (Please if you haven’t subscribed do so, it’s totally free, all it means is you get notification when we put a new film on the channel!) 

All our audio plays are now also available as podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts - we'd love to know how you choose to listen to our productions, so do drop us a comment if you enjoy it, and let us know!

Among the new films added are the latest in our Wind in the Willows series Mrs Pyewacket’s Dilemma, and two short films we’re very proud of, both of which were devised, written, filmed and edited in 48 hours as part of a challenge laid down by Screen Northants, so please enjoy Light at the end of the Tunnel and My First…..Zoom!

48 Hr My First FB 1png

A couple of projects which have been held up during lockdown are the audio version of Macbeth, and our new original film Running4ever. With restrictions easing over the next two to three months we hope to get both up and running before too much longer. We’re also planning a new audio serial based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice which we’re casting at the moment, and we’ll have more on that in the next newsletter.


Our last performance in front of an audience was on March 14th 2020, just before lockdown 1, which was Blind Date at The White Horse in Old. It was a great night, and the pub are keen to have us back - look out for more on this in future newsletters!

We’ve also heard that The Lighthorne Drama Festival is scheduled to go ahead this year from June 22nd, and so, 12 months later than planned we’re hoping to enter the Alan Bennett monologue, A Woman of Letters, one of his wonderful Talking Heads series.

And come the summer, fingers crossed, we will be embarking on our first full scale touring production since the curtain came down on Stepping Out on November 30th 2019!  Originally planned to tour in 2020, Wind in the Willows is scheduled for ten dates across July and August 2021!

Keep safe, and we'll hopefully see you in a charming garden for some outdoor theatre in the very near future!